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Strategy, Not Just Technology, Makes Successful Virtual Events

Technology alone cannot create a successful virtual event. Event strategists bring the best concepts and practices to help companies develop effective virtual events.

The Art of Virtual Event Planning: Developing a Clear Strategy and Approach

Switching over to virtual events calls for a clear strategy and substantial planning. Here are seven tips to consider when planning for your transition to the online environment.

Why Experiential Marketing Is a Must for Brands

Find out how experiential marketing can help your brand break through the noise with customer engagement and immersive experiences, including in-person and virtual events.

How to Connect with Attendees Through Hybrid Events

Hybrid events allow both virtual and in-person attendees to have interactive and engaging experiences — here is how it works.

Tackling the Top 5 Misconceptions About Virtual Events

There are many common misconceptions about virtual events. This article will help you spot these misconceptions while debunking them and providing solutions.

The Secret to Engaging Virtual Experiences? Focus on the Attendee Journey.

Engaging virtual events are a challenge, even for professional event planners. Learn how to get attendees engaged at the beginning – and keep them that way.

These 9 Trends Could Make or Break Your Virtual Events

Virtual events aren’t new, but they are suddenly the norm. And today’s event marketers have a wealth of tools available to create out-of-the-box experiences.

Choosing the Right Virtual Event Platform

Virtual event platforms are more than video conferencing and webinars. Learn about the powerful options they offer for your next experiential event!

Going Virtual: How to Make Virtual Events Exciting in the “New Normal”

Virtual events are here to stay! Learn how your brand can transition from in-person events to exciting virtual experiences in the new normal.

Virtual Event Solutions for Your Sales Kick-Off

With the new year fast approaching, companies are looking to energize and motivate their sales teams by bringing their in-person sales kick-off (SKO) events to the virtual environment. Check out our virtual event solutions to the biggest challenges of creating an SKO event online.