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Virtual is the newest challenge in event storytelling and audience connection. We are a team of creative thinkers who reimagine effective engagement strategies so you can confidently adapt and find opportunity in this evolving environment.

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We are offering our exertise in navigating through your biggest challenges – free of charge, no strings attached – to help you maneuver the pressure and uncertainty of what's next. Our 30-minute strategy sessions are focused and provide experiential insight, shared learnings to build greater connections through experience.


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DPEM Explores: Experts at what? The future of experiential.

The recent months have left us all wondering what the future of the events industry looks like. Our business is centered around building connection through engagement and experiences, which are most often in the form of an in-person event. With the tidal wave of COVID-19, the live experiential industry came to a screeching pause and left us scratching our heads with the question: without live experiences, what are we the experts of?

DPEM Explores: The “Why” Is More Important Now Than Ever

2020 has been a whirlwind of pivoting and crisis management. Virtual is just the newest challenge in storytelling and audience connection and brands are struggling how to navigate the current event landscape. We tackled these questions in DPEM Explores, a weekly conversation series that discusses different issues facing our industry with a curated group of experts.

A Note From Our Founder

We miss you and hope you are doing well. As we transition from shelter-in-place to our new normal, we are looking to help you navigate forward. We’ve been guiding clients as they wrestle with decisions on postponement versus cancellation, proactively developing both virtual and hybrid programming, and strategizing new engagement programs from the ground up. While I hope that we can soon get people safely back to work, I know that the need for engagement and connection is more important than ever.

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