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Struggling to make your virtual event unique and *actually* fun? We are offering our expertise as a sounding board to help you maneuver any obstacles you are facing in planning your virtual event. Our 30-minute calls are focused, giving you the answers and guidance you need to create a successful event through our experience in virtual and experiential design.

Creating Hybrid Brand Experiences with Boxed Events

Hybrid events are an opportunity for innovation, follow these best practices to use boxed events to take your hybrid experiences to the next level.

How Brands Can Create Community Building Events in a Socially Distanced World

Designing socially distanced community building events can help brands connect in a safe way. Here are our community building event best practices for brands.

Making Events + Experiences Touchless

Touchless elements of events aren’t necessarily new, but this year, fully touchless events are a new standard. Click here for our touchless experience best practices.

Breaking Down the Choice Between In-House or Agency for Event Production: The Case for Hiring Event Production Agencies in 2021

Should you use in-house employees or an agency to produce your next experiential event? Read on for the case of in-house vs agency event production.

5 Experiential Marketing Strategies in a Hybrid World

Hybrid experiences are the next generation of experiential events. As events return to in-person, use these strategies to incorporate remote attendees.

Experiential Marketing Event Examples and Event Types

Experiential marketing events can change the way people think about your brand, read this post for our experiential marketing event best practices.

Virtual Event Management in 2021

To set yourself up for virtual event success in 2021, use these virtual event strategies and best practices.

Strategy, Not Just Technology, Makes Successful Virtual Events

Technology alone cannot create a successful virtual event. Event strategists bring the best concepts and practices to help companies develop effective virtual events.

The Art of Virtual Event Planning: Developing a Clear Strategy and Approach

Switching over to virtual events calls for a clear strategy and substantial planning. Here are seven tips to consider when planning for your transition to the online environment.

Why Experiential Marketing Is a Must for Brands

Find out how experiential marketing can help your brand break through the noise with customer engagement and immersive experiences, including in-person and virtual events.